Good news – more of it, please…


With all the hideous news we’re bombarded with daily, this evening I was thinking about the notion of a website that just publishes positive news and features. Something that balances out all the misery but is also entertaining and fun without being blinkered.

Like every decent idea there’s already stuff I’ve found (Positive News and the Good News Network). But I couldn’t find much else apart from sections on the Huffington Post and Daily Telegraph sites dedicated to good news.

The Good News sites and sections currently out there are nice and definitely worth the odd visit, but a they’re a bit bland and there seems to be a gap in the market.

I’m not talking fake news, nor am I talking about the kind of site that seems cut off from the realities of everyday living and is all fluffy animals and do-gooder tales. Quite the opposite. I think it’s more a matter of focus, and of course intrigue and humour.

There are popular sites that I often visit to read features and stories like Vice, Cracked and Buzzfeed, but that’s often for titillation and daft stuff. I’m thinking about something that bridges the gap between classic good news stories, positive global news, modern culture, and humour and satire too. Without mixing those things up and creating a hodge-podged mess!

Is it an impossible task? Am I right in thinking there’s a huge audience for some kind of site like this? Sometimes the echo chamber’s so noisy it’s hard to tell a good idea from a bad one…

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