New trailer for HBO’s Watchmen released


I’m a huge fan of Alan Moore and Dave GibbonsWatchmen graphic novel. It’s probably my favourite of Moore‘s most famous works and I thought the 2009 movie adaptation, directed by Zack Snyder, was a bloody good stab at bringing it to the big screen (even if plenty of folk seemingly didn’t).

All that said, I do feel like there’s something more to be gotten cinematically from the story, even if Alan Moore disagrees. Let’s face it, Moore dislikes pretty much all adaptations of his work, so a new HBO TV adaptation of Watchmen was never going to float his boat.

The new adaptation is a very interesting new take on things though. Instead of just adapting Moore and Gibbons‘ 12 part comic, Damon Lindelof‘s new TV series is set within the world Moore created, using the central character of Rorschach as a way to launch a expanded ‘Watchmen universe‘. There are some callbacks to the original graphic novel but these are completely new stories.

I’ve been a big fan of Damon Lindelof‘s work ever since I became utterly addicted to Lost in 2004. Two years ago I watch The Leftovers and became obsessed with that show too, so anything associated with Lindelof automatically sparks my interest. In fact, were it not for the fact he’s involved in this new spin-off show (as well as Dave Gibbons) I might very well be incredibly sceptical about the whole enterprise.

It may well be that this new spin-off idea hits the buffers and/or struggles to win a big audience in these comic book adaptation saturated times of course. Lindelof has a few divisive film writing credits in his locker (Prometheus, World War Z, Tomorrowland) and lets face it, the ending of Lost broke a few hearts and angered plenty of critics when it aired back in 2010.

I’m hopeful though. The trailer looks intriguing, the cast looks amazing (Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, Regina King and Tim Blake Nelson – to name but a handful) and the approach and feel of the project seems right. Lost and The Leftovers unequivocally proved Lindelof is a master storyteller and the ideas and themes behind this show seem a excellent fit.

Check out the new teaser trailer below and get ready for the show sometime this Autumn…


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