Westworld season three – teaser trailer


Perfectly timed to fit in with the end of Game Of Thrones comes the new teaser for season three of Westworld. HBO have clearly planned well for the end of their biggest ever show and now they’re pumping out the trailers in the hope they’ll keep subscribers excited.

Anyone whose followed Westworld (or at least me anyway) probably finished season two wondering what the hell was going to happen next. I’ve always loved the way the show twists and turns,even if it does occassionally hit a bit of a dead end or try a bit too hard to shock. There have been some clunky episodes along the way and the odd twist that you could see coming from a mile off, but I genuinely think it’s managed to take the original ideas from the Michael Crichton book and 70’s films, Westworld and Futureworld and expand them into one of the best TV shows of the last few years.

Earlier today the new teaser trailer dropped (the show isn’t due till early next year) and the first thing that got me excited was the introduction of Aaron Paul to the cast. Everyone loved him in Breaking Bad and I’ve been desperate to see him get stuck into something great ever since. The melancholic mood of the trailer is intriguing too and the twist at the end leaves me excited to find out more about where the show’s heading next. Check out the trailer below:

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