Stranger Things 3 poster art

British artist and Manchester Metropolitan University graduate, Kyle Lambert has been designing poster art for the Stranger Things franchise since it began. Season 3 of the show starts next month and you can check out the illustrated stages that make up the new season’s latest poster below:


As you can see the retro 80’s style is stronger than ever – and the neon touches are very ‘on trend‘. It also teases some sweet little insights into what to expect from the show’s third season, with Millie Bobby Brown‘s, Eleven once again taking centre stage.

Lambert is now L.A. based and as well as creating art for Stranger Things he’s also worked on art projects for NBC shows, The Blacklist and Timeless, as well as the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8 (which I’m guessing got him the Stranger Things job). Kyle also designed and illustrated the Muse‘s number one album, Simulation Theory.

Check out the full horizontal poster for Stranger Things 3 below – and get ready for Season 3 on the 4th July:


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