Tameside’s Dead Captain release lockdown themed single, ‘This Weird Holiday’

This Weird Holiday artwork mid-res

These last two months of isolation have been unlike any other. Strange, frustrating weeks that have shook us up and left us all a bit bewildered and dizzy.

Tameside trio, Dead Captain’s latest single, ‘This Weird Holiday’, is the band’s ode to these odd times. A warped little zeitgeist ballad that takes a wide-eyed peek at the madness from behind twitching curtains.

Inspired by bad leadership, mixed messages, arguments about nothing and the joys of home-cooked food the song is three and a half minutes of kitchen sink psychedelia dressed casually in folk-rock pyjamas.

This Weird Holiday’ is the band’s fifth single release (following on from The Fear, Vermillion, Carte Blanche and Fireflies), but their first via Forest Den Records and the last before their debut album sees the light of day later this summer. It’s released on Soundcloud and Bandcamp today (with a later release on Spotify on 26 June) and is free to stream and download. Check out the new video below:

The Dead Captain project was born after founding members, Dan and Dunstan found a shoe box outside a pub in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester in late 2016. Over a few drinks they went through the box and found scribbled notes, old naval photos, drawings and grainy music recordings on old VHS tapes.

They still don’t know the exact origins of the box, but one thing they found taped to it did strike an immediate chord. A blue post-it note that read, “do something with this, I’ll be gone soon”.

Dead Captain has been defibrillated back to life by multi-instrumentalist Dan Adams, singer and artist, Dunstan Carter and synth bon vivant, John Havelock.

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