About Slacker Shack

Coconut macaroons, slacker rock, salt and vinegar mccoys crisps, freak folk, samurai films, porridge, hip-hop, the big lebowski, spider-man, ginger tea, arguments about roast potatoes, psychedelia, kurt vonnegut, street art, cheese burgers, chris rock, suede puma trainers, louis ck, 1970’s polish poster art, danny mcbride, lounge pants, chuck palahniuk, e e cummings, mati klarwein, stanley kubrick, hot sauce, stephen malkmus, the wire, joe sacco, chicken thighs, kool keith, frijomole, robert pollard, bacon, miroslav holub, absinthe, danny brown, almond butter, collages, breaking bad, david lynch, true romance, cleaning products etc

4 Responses to “About Slacker Shack”

  1. James Badge Says:

    Hi Slackshack!

    I was just wondering whether it would be ok for me to use your Millie Jackson ‘Back to the S__t’ album cover on my website?

    All the best guys!


  2. Of course. I don’t own it though, it’s merely an album cover that’s so bad it’s hilarious – and something I thought I’d share.

  3. We did a photo shoot with the underachievers.
    Where can we submit the lookbook?

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