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My new favourite t-shirt

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I’ve never been a t-shirt collector but I do take a shine to a great design and have had loads of favourites I’ve worn till they’re faded and full of holes. Great t-shirts are like a great pairs of shoes, you wear them until they’re falling to bits. Many of my old favourites have long since withered, so my latest find came as both a necessity and a delight – as it fits like a glove.

My new t-shirt’s also got an awesome design splayed across it courtesy of turtle loving, Cornish artist, JIMP (aka Jim Hollingworth). It’s a black number made in collaboration with Blackwater Studios. Check it out in all it’s glory (on a model) below:


Not only is it a cracking design, it’s also soft as a hamster wrestling a marshmellow in a pillow factory, 100% organic cotton and completely “earth positive”. Go and grab yourself one before they run out at the Blackwater Studios site.

JIMP’s also designed some badges if you’re into that kind of thing (no-one enjoys a lonely looking jacket collar or lapel). Have a peek at them below and if you like them you can check them out in detail here.


T-shirt brilliance

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I love discovering cool, funny and peculiar t-shirts (I’m sat writing this in a Jim’ll Paint It design that still makes me chuckle everytime I slip it on). It’s a dream of mine to open an online shop packed with loads of great finds from artists and designers from across the world one day. But today I’m here to push your peepers towards the t-shirt brilliance contained within one particular print studio based in Truro, Cornwall.

Blackwater Studios have specialised in screen printing t-shirts for more than 40 years and have just launched a great new artist shop. Their idea was to create their own collaborative store with a small selection of talented illustrators from around the world. And more specifically, illustrators who could fully embrace the virtues of single colour prints.

The current crop of tip-top illustrators includes Michael C. Hsiung, Engin Oztekin, Bene Rohlmann, Mark Breed, Ivo Matić and Jim Hollingworth (aka JIMP).

Death By Doom t-shirt
Death By Doom – by JIMP

JIMP‘s been on my radar for a few years now and I have one of his originals hanging in my home. He’s a master and I take great pleasure in the superb off-kilter art he consistantly produces. But what’s striking about the Blackwater Studios Artist Shop is how great it is across the board. There’s a certain peculiarity and oddness that permeates all their current designs. Take a look at a few of their t-shirts below:

Merman Mugging t-shirt
Merman Mugging – by Michael C. Hsiung

Moth t-shirt
Moth – by Bene Rohlmann

Peacock t-shirt
Peacock – by Engin Oztekin

Like what you see? Check out all of Blackwater Studio‘s current t-shirt designs and buy some here.

Walter Sobchak t-shirt

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Walter Sobchak, played by John Goodman was one of The Big Lebowski‘s greatest characters and there’s a few Walter t-shirts about. None of them are quite as good as this one though:

Check out more Walter Sobchak inspired t-shirt designs here.

Father Ted t-shirts

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Amidst all the endless sit-com re-runs on digital TV, one of the few ever-presents to maintain it’s endless chuckle-factor is the timeless Father Ted.

Between 1995 and 1998, three series of the show aired and quickly became cherished by British viewers. And now, 14 years after it was first screened you can get your hands on some Graham Linehan approved Father Ted t-shirts at (some have even been designed by the man himself).

Check out the full range here.

Get hold of your very own Big Lebowski cardigan

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If, like me, you’re a bit of a movie nerd and a Big Lebowski nut too, maybe, just maybe you like the idea of owning your very own Dude cardigan.

You’re luck’s in if you do, as last year a few cardigan replicas were released and a few of them still seem to be popping up on ebay.

The cardigan’s design is known as ‘authentic cowichan pendleton’ and looks perfect slouching on the shoulders of any discerning slacker down the local ten pin bowling alley.

If you want to get hold of one click here.

Furry Chewbacca hoodie

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Really? Really??

If you’re disturbed and geeky enough to want one – head on over to the Hot Topic site.