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Great new music… Marc Rebillet

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Even in 2018 there are still some people who think music and comedy shouldn’t mix. It’s always nonplussed me. I wonder if these people have ever heard the likes of Frank Zappa, Ween, Primus or Tenacious D. Have they never chuckled to the skits on De La Soul‘s 3 Feet High & Rising? Have they never watched Flight of The Conchords, Spinal Tap or The Rutles? Do people who haven’t sung along to Monty Python songs really exist?

Done well there are few things better than a bit of top notch musical parody or a full blow comedy song. So, earlier this month when I stumbled across Marc Rebillet (aka Loop Daddy) on Facebook, my ears instantly zoned in and the titters followed.

So what’s he like? Well, imagine all of these things brought together in a strange comedy laboratory – Napolean Dynamite’s brother Kip, Reggie Watts, FOTC’s ‘Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor‘, Wes Anderson, the funny bits from American Psycho – monkey about with strands of their DNA a bit, and voila, Loop Daddy.

Rebillet is described by one of his close friends as, “an artist, actor, musician, composer, humorist, philosopher and phone psychotherapist who explores the realms of the looping art through such mainstream themes as rape, buttholes, and herpes”. Dallas born his tunes revolve around his trusty BOSS RC-505 loop station, his keyboard and his mac book.

There are loads of videos of him on YouTube performing live versions (or Idealogues) of his seemingly improvised songs at home but it was initially a live show he did in a Dallas brewery that grabbed my attention. I’ll post a video of the show below, so you can see how funny, madcapped and odd it was. He’s touring all over America at the moment and is coming over to Europe early next year (check out his site for details) and I’m keeping my testicles crossed that he’ll be playing somewhere in the North of England (preferably Manchester).

Check out some of Marc‘s tunes below and get giggling before he gets all super famous and stuff…

And now that live show I was on about…

Vote Micky P Kerr on Britains Got Talent

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Later on tonight (at 7.30pm on ITV) the 2018 live final of Britain’s Got Talent takes place. I’m not an avid viewer of TV talent shows and their ilk usually, but this year it’s a bit different. My mate Micky P Kerr has made the final and he’s one the funniest and most lovable fellas I’ve met. Over the last few years he’s been working he’s arse off on the comedy circuit and it’s paid off – his act is now tighter than a nun’s chuff and infinitely more appealing!

For those of you reading this who may not have caught his ‘turns’ on BGT the past couple of weeks, here’s a couple of clips of the Yorkshire funny man in action:

A few years back I was lucky enough to design a few single and album covers for Micky. I created a little cartoon version of him, all shaggy haired and tired eyed. Just as lovable as the man himself – have a a peek below and VOTE MICKY in tomorrow night’s final!




Vic Reeves’ Simon Cowell portrait

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Love this…

Simon-Cowell by Vic Reeves

David Brent: Life On The Road – new trailer

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He’s back and he’s got his own movie…

Micky P Kerr’s forthcoming triple album

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Shaggy-haired troubadour Micky P Kerr, is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Leeds. He’s also funny as f*ck.

He’s writes amusing songs about plastic bags, booze and the day to day bollocks he ambles through daily. He writes lovely songs and the odd bit of biting social commentary too.

Anyway, being a multi-tasker and a man of many forms he’s decided to release a triple album that embraces all three of his creative bents. Kerr In The Kerrmunity has three albums – An Album Of Spoken Word, An Album Of Comedic Songs and An Album Of Serious Music – something for everyone essentially.

He’s near enough ready to release it too. As I write this he’s 92% of his way towards his target amount on – so if you like his stuff why not head over to his pledge page and help him out by clicking here.

Now here’s some of his musical shenanigans – check out the videos below and if you like what you encounter get involved:

Big bad City from mickypkerr on Vimeo.

David Hasselhoff – True Survivor – new video

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Purposefully ridiculous and titillating. Simultaneously awful and entertaining, here’s a new David Hasselhoff music video oozing with 80’s pastiche:

True Survivor is the lead track from KUNG FURY, a short Kickstarter backed film that is described by it’s makers as, “an over-the-top action comedy” featuring, “arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.”

The short 30 minute film is directed by David Sandberg and is due for release in late May. KUNG FURY will be available to download for free.

Micky P Kerr – Bag For Life- new video

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