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Great new music… Sorry

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SorryIt’s late in the year and everyone’s publishing end of year lists (including us), but it’s still worth diving head first into some new stuff whenever it’s discovered. So, if you’re a bit late (like me) to North London duo, Sorry, check out the videos for the four singles they’ve released this year, Starstruck, Twinkle, Showgirl and 2 Down 2 Dance below:

I like The Breeders meets Veruca Salt feel of it all. Too late for Slacker Shack’s Top 30 of the year but I can’t wait for their debut album.

Slacker Shack’s Top 30 Tunes of 2018

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It’s been a strange, angry year, but in the odd gaps between everyone arguing about Brexit, that evil cheeto over the pond tweeting narcissistic bile and ‘Pootin’ smirking like a Bond baddie in the shadows, there’s been some bloody good music.

Maybe my tastes are widening as my beard hairs salt and pepper but for me 2018 has been a year of real eclecticism and musical diversity. So much so that from this year onwards I’m extending Slacker Shack’s top 20 tunes of the year to a top 30. I blame Spotify and streaming, I think I’m just listening to more stuff.

Of the 30 tunes in my list, twelve come from artists completely new to my ears. Opening track, ‘Here To Tell‘ from Johanna Warren elegantly swoons and floats like a psych-flecked Joni Mitchell and I fell in love with it the instant I heard it. It’s the musical equivalent of a wintery, late-night hot chocolate with a hidden nip of brandy swirling within.

Other newcomers include, the bedroom indie folk shenanigans of Machine Translations, the arch indie-rock of Canadian duo, Peter Kernel (yeah I know it sounds like it’s just one bloke) and the slacker folk head noddings of young Connecticut multi-instrumentalist, Andre Bernier.

There are two tunes from Dutch acts I’d not heard before – Flying Horseman and AWKWARD i. The former is a wonderful seven and a half minutes of melodic, krautrock-ish prog, and the latter has an almost 90’s Scando-Indie feel without being mawkish or overly quirky. It also boasts a fine sing-a-long-a-earworm chorus.

Jazzboy’s ‘Harlem’ is one of my quirkier finds and its 80’s funk-jazz-pop oddness opened my ears up to a handful of outstanding oddities this year, like Jockstrap’s kookily hypnotic ‘Hayley’, the Primus-esque Ween-ery of Half Japanese, the psychedelic dream rock of Boston’s ANMLPLNET, the sleazy sax soaked purrings of Trevor Powers and the glorious Kevin Ayers-esque nonsense folk of Cosmo Sheldrake. All newbies to my lugs.

From the raft of artists you could rightly call mainstream there’s just two inclusions. Paul Simon’s brilliant reworking of a track from his 1990 album, The Rhythms Of The Saints, ‘Can’t Run But’. I (aka my anal inner voice) wouldn’t normally allow a reworking or a cover version but to be honest the track was new to me and blew me away. If Paul Simon is indeed retiring, he’s going out on a high. And there’s also a track from the forever funkalicious, Chaka Khan, in the shape of ‘Like Sugar’. As far as dance floor fillers go it’s my pick of the year. I’ve heard it dozens of times and I never grow tired of it for a second.

From one of my albums of the year there’s the piss funny and scabrous, IDLES and ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’, and Slacker Shack favourites like, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Tunng, The Breeders, Kurt Vile, Liars, Suuns, Les Big Byrd, Khruangbin, Parquet Courts and Dirty Projectors all make an appearance.

Amazing tunes from, DJ Koze (featuring Roisin Murphy), Jonathan Wilson, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Beak> and (Justin Vernon‘s latest project) Big Red Machine all feature too.

So, ‘spoiler’ rambling aside, here are Slacker Shack’s Top 30 Alt’ Tunes of 2018 – if you’re on Spotify, get streaming and tell me what you think I’ve missed (or what you love/hate)…

Six more of the world’s worst and most hilarious album covers

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View them and weep / giggle…

Hilarious Album Covers (15)






Check out some more terrible / chucklesome album covers here.

Liars – Murdrum – new video

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Great new music… Marc Rebillet

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Even in 2018 there are still some people who think music and comedy shouldn’t mix. It’s always nonplussed me. I wonder if these people have ever heard the likes of Frank Zappa, Ween, Primus or Tenacious D. Have they never chuckled to the skits on De La Soul‘s 3 Feet High & Rising? Have they never watched Flight of The Conchords, Spinal Tap or The Rutles? Do people who haven’t sung along to Monty Python songs really exist?

Done well there are few things better than a bit of top notch musical parody or a full blow comedy song. So, earlier this month when I stumbled across Marc Rebillet (aka Loop Daddy) on Facebook, my ears instantly zoned in and the titters followed.

So what’s he like? Well, imagine all of these things brought together in a strange comedy laboratory – Napolean Dynamite’s brother Kip, Reggie Watts, FOTC’s ‘Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor‘, Wes Anderson, the funny bits from American Psycho – monkey about with strands of their DNA a bit, and voila, Loop Daddy.

Rebillet is described by one of his close friends as, “an artist, actor, musician, composer, humorist, philosopher and phone psychotherapist who explores the realms of the looping art through such mainstream themes as rape, buttholes, and herpes”. Dallas born his tunes revolve around his trusty BOSS RC-505 loop station, his keyboard and his mac book.

There are loads of videos of him on YouTube performing live versions (or Idealogues) of his seemingly improvised songs at home but it was initially a live show he did in a Dallas brewery that grabbed my attention. I’ll post a video of the show below, so you can see how funny, madcapped and odd it was. He’s touring all over America at the moment and is coming over to Europe early next year (check out his site for details) and I’m keeping my testicles crossed that he’ll be playing somewhere in the North of England (preferably Manchester).

Check out some of Marc‘s tunes below and get giggling before he gets all super famous and stuff…

And now that live show I was on about…

Great new music… Cosmo Sheldrake

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On first hearing his name you might think he’s some kind of Jim Carrey-esque stand up comedian with a penchant for wacky props, but singer-songwriter (composer, producer) Cosmo Sheldrake has released some of this years stand out alt-folk singles, and one of my favourite albums, The Much Much How How and I.

There’s an air of playfulness and nonsense in Sheldrake‘s music that reminds me of Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd.  Check out some of his tunes below:

Classic 1960’s music concert posters

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I’m a huge fan of classic music concert posters. The kind of work artists like Wes Wilson, Gunther Kieser, Rick Griffin and David Byrd were producing in the 60’s and 70’s. I have a few boards on Pinterest dedicated to iconic music art and photography. Here are four of my recent favourite finds (the first three are all Wes Wilson designs, the last is a Gunther Kieser)..

Poster bill graham

Muddy - wes wilson

Howlin' Wolf - wes wilson

JohnMayall gunther kieser