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Cold Water Swimmers’ storming new single, ‘Burn Your Idols’ out this Friday

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Manchester three-piece, Cold Water Swimmers have a truly stonking new single out this Friday. Fizzing with a post-punk fervour that instantly charms and chomps it’s way into your skull, Burn Your Idols is an inspirational call to arms, a strident stomp of hope in these weary times.

For those of you still unaccustomed to the band’s visceral charms you can find out about upcoming gigs and new music news by following them on Twitter @ColdH20Swimmers

Check out the new video for, Burn Your Idols below:

The Garden – Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco) – new video

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Well this is peculiar (in a good way)…

Five great new tunes

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Sax man

Time to parp forth another five cracking new tunes that have been impressing me over the last week or two. I’ll avoid the obvious choices like Pixies, Bill Callahan, Crumb and Kevin Morby, and instead concentrate on some less listened to nuggets.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve already posted new videos by Bibio, (Sandy) Alex G, Weval, Purple Mountains, Ty Segall and Bon Iver, so they won’t be popping up either. Instead, dip into some new stuff below, and send me your thoughts and recommendations…

Pram – Doll’s Eyes:

Psychedelic soundtrack to a made up 1980’s movie made by curious children

Man & The Echo – Life On An Island:

Kevin Rowland meets Django Django at a lively Field Music hosted barbecue

West and Skyward – After All:

ASMR nourishment wrapped up in an Air meets 1980’s after party chillout vibe

Automatic – Calling It:

Post-punk soirees with krautrock in this awesome new Stones Throw head nodder

U-Bahn – Beta Boyz:

80’s new wave, weirdo rock jerkings from Australia’s newest bunch of musical oddballs

Plaid – Dancers – new video

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Pretty futuristic oddness in abundance…

The classic psychedelic song Stephen Malkmus wishes he’d written

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I love Stephen Malkmus. He’s one of those omnipresent musical figures that’s stretched through my adult life and constantly entertained me and made the world a slightly better place.

So, any tunes he loves and recommends are definitely worth checking out. In the case of The 13th Floor Elevators’ “Slip Inside This House”, it’s a song Malkmus wishes he’d written and it gave me a chance to dip into some classic Roky Erickson tracks this evening and pay my respects following his death last week…


Bibio – Old Graffiti – new video

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I’m a big fan of this tune. It’s like alternative yacht electro…

(Sandy) Alex G – Gretel – new video

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