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Kuso – film trailer

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Check out the bizarre trailer for, Kuso, the debut film from Flying Lotus (aka Captain Murphy aka Steven Ellison):

My new favourite t-shirt

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I’ve never been a t-shirt collector but I do take a shine to a great design and have had loads of favourites I’ve worn till they’re faded and full of holes. Great t-shirts are like a great pairs of shoes, you wear them until they’re falling to bits. Many of my old favourites have long since withered, so my latest find came as both a necessity and a delight – as it fits like a glove.

My new t-shirt’s also got an awesome design splayed across it courtesy of turtle loving, Cornish artist, JIMP (aka Jim Hollingworth). It’s a black number made in collaboration with Blackwater Studios. Check it out in all it’s glory (on a model) below:


Not only is it a cracking design, it’s also soft as a hamster wrestling a marshmellow in a pillow factory, 100% organic cotton and completely “earth positive”. Go and grab yourself one before they run out at the Blackwater Studios site.

JIMP’s also designed some badges if you’re into that kind of thing (no-one enjoys a lonely looking jacket collar or lapel). Have a peek at them below and if you like them you can check them out in detail here.


Rest In Peace Leonard Cohen

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Lance Skiiiwalker – Attraction – new video

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Neil Young portrait

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Here’s a new portrait I’ve recently finished. It’s A2 in size and prints are available on request (just leave a message below). I wanted to put a young Neil Young alongside a old Neil Young and this seemed like a nice simple idea…


Take a look at more of my illustrations over at

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Roy Keane tells it like it is…

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Roy Keane

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Aesop Rock streams new album ‘The Impossible Kid’ on YouTube

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One of my favourite rappers, Aesop Rock‘s new album, The Impossible Kid, is released this Friday. To tease it’s release, Aesop is streaming the album in it’s entirety – not only that, the whole thing is accompanied by a massively lo-fi remake of The Shining made with tiny figurines. It’s a unique (no sh*t) and pretty awesome way to go about such promotional shenanigans.

Check out the video and full stream below: