Vote Micky P Kerr on Britains Got Talent

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Later on tonight (at 7.30pm on ITV) the 2018 live final of Britain’s Got Talent takes place. I’m not an avid viewer of TV talent shows and their ilk usually, but this year it’s a bit different. My mate Micky P Kerr has made the final and he’s one the funniest and most lovable fellas I’ve met. Over the last few years he’s been working he’s arse off on the comedy circuit and it’s paid off – his act is now tighter than a nun’s chuff and infinitely more appealing!

For those of you reading this who may not have caught his ‘turns’ on BGT the past couple of weeks, here’s a couple of clips of the Yorkshire funny man in action:

A few years back I was lucky enough to design a few single and album covers for Micky. I created a little cartoon version of him, all shaggy haired and tired eyed. Just as lovable as the man himself – have a a peek below and VOTE MICKY in tomorrow night’s final!




The 10 best rock tunes featuring the saxophone

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Mention rock music and saxophones in the same sentence and some music fans will snort, roll their eyes and quite possibly flounce away from the conversation dramatically, never to return. These folk are probably still haunted by the revelation that that Blockbusters‘, Bob Holness didn’t play the sax solo on Gerry Rafferty‘s ‘Baker Street’. Or maybe they get flashbacks of Tim Capello‘s ludicrously oiled and muscley torso belting out sax bursts near the start of Joel Schumacher‘s Lost Boys – or Kenny G‘s permed mullet bobbing up and down on Top Of The Pops in the late 80’s.


Whatever the reason, the saxophone maybe much maligned in rock music, but I bloody love it. There’s something about that wild, raspy, sexy sound that tickles the funk in me. Not in a cheesy, run me a bath and get out the scented candles type of way, it’s more earthy and guttural than a thousand slow jam solos would con you into thinking.

Anyway, as part of Slacker Shack‘s ‘Niche Best Of… Lists‘ series, I’ve put together my ten favourite ‘SAXy Time’ rock tunes list – and I’ve even gone and Spotify-ed it too. Check out my choices below and argue with me in the comments:

Pink FloydMoney
Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side
Brian ProtheroePinball
David BowieYoung Americans
The Doors Touch Me
The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar
Roxy Music Do The Strand
Electric SixDanger! High Voltage
BeckThe New Pollution
Radiohead The National Anthem 

Mo Salah – street art from New York

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Mo Salah, New York street art

Beck’s ten best ‘high tempo’ songs

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Here’s the first list in Slacker Shack‘s new Niche Lists series. Things will inevitably get more niche and obscure but I wanted to start with my top ten favourite ‘high tempoBeck songs. He’s one of my favourite artists and I’m thinking of the kind of tunes you want on your music device as you’re walking about on a summers day, smirking at the niceties of life as they roll by, a skip in your skip and a twinkle in your eye. No ballads or introspective strummers here, just a top ten ‘in your face’ Beck tunes, as chosen by me:

Loser (from Mellow Gold)
Soul Suckin’ Jerk (from Mellow Gold)
Beercan (from Mellow Gold)
Devil’s Haircut (from Odelay)
Sexx Laws (from Midnite Vultures)
Milk & Honey (from Midnite Vultures)
Black Tambourine (from Guero)
Cellphone’s Dead (from The Information)
Youthless (from Modern Guilt)
Colors (from Colors)

I’ve obviously had to cut some favourites from the list like Where It’s At, The New Pollution, Girl, Timebomb and Dreams, but that’s the nature of the beast. Are there any apart from that? Does my list make you a little bit angry? Are there omissions you just can’t cope with? Tell all…

Niche ‘Best Of…’ Lists

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Like many folk, I bloody love a good list. Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than a little internal argument, followed by a firmly taken decision that results in a beautifully (and occasionally painfully) formed list. Something you can neatly file in your tastes drawer and use to preach at people when you’ve had too much to drink.


I remember reading Nick Hornby‘s novel, ‘High Fidelity‘ in my early 20’s and it was the lists that the lead character, Rob endlessly compiles that really pulled me in and got me hooked. I usually spend ages reading a book, but I flew through High Fidelity in a couple of sittings. Right now I can happily list my top five favourite albums of all time:

Love Forever Changes
Beck Mellow Gold
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Pig Lib
The Beta Band The Three EPs
Pixies Doolittle

My top five favourite films:

The Big Lebowski
Taxi Driver
The Shining
Blue Velvet
Punch Drunk Love

And even something random like, my top five favourite things to put on toast:

Bacon and eggs
Peanut butter and jam
Smoked ham and gherkin
Prawn cocktail
Moroccan hummus

But what I’ve been thinking about a lot recently are niche music and film lists. I’ve been watching loads of old Mark Kermode videos on YouTube and making lots of playlists on Spotify recently and little lists are always buzzing around in my brain.

As Facebook has proven, lists are also brilliant at creating conversations and debates, and I’d love it if readers of this blog added comments with some of their random film and music lists. For instance, I think there’s been a real dearth of decent comedy films over the past few years, so I’d love to know people’s top ten comedy films of the “twenty-tens” (aka the ‘teenties‘) so far. Or people’s top five new psychedelic bands (I’m a huge fan of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard).

Over the next few weeks I’m going to kick start this blog with a few random music and film lists that I hope will get a few conversations and debates started and if nothing else will give me a chance to shout about some things I love and maybe even I few albums and films I loathe too!

SWJ Group – Scribbles – new video

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Check out this cracking new tune and video from SWJ Group. It’s a funky little earworm that’ll have you tapping your toes and smiling like a drunkard from start to finish…

New Psychedelic music icons portraits from Dunstan Doodles

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Psych Icons - all together promo

Slacker Shack regular Dunstan Doodles has uploaded his new psychedelic music icons portraits onto his site. The twelve new pieces were recently exhibited in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and prints are already starting to sell well off the back of the show.

The portraits feature music icons from the golden age of psychedelia. Here’s the list in full – Grace Slick, Arthur Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Roky Erickson, Syd Barrett, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Mama Cass, Donovan, Steve Hillage and Jerry Garcia.

Dunstan’s style involves combining illustration and collage techniques and layering individual elements of the portrait onto mountboard piece by piece. He works on commissions and sells a number of prints of icons from the worlds of music, film, tv, literature and sport.

All giclee prints from his new Psych Icons collection come in A3 size, printed on top quality FS Platinum Etching paper. There’s also an option to get your print mounted and/or get it framed.

You can take a peek at all twelve icons here