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Beck’s ten best ‘high tempo’ songs

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Here’s the first list in Slacker Shack‘s new Niche Lists series. Things will inevitably get more niche and obscure but I wanted to start with my top ten favourite ‘high tempoBeck songs. He’s one of my favourite artists and I’m thinking of the kind of tunes you want on your music device as you’re walking about on a summers day, smirking at the niceties of life as they roll by, a skip in your skip and a twinkle in your eye. No ballads or introspective strummers here, just a top ten ‘in your face’ Beck tunes, as chosen by me:

Loser (from Mellow Gold)
Soul Suckin’ Jerk (from Mellow Gold)
Beercan (from Mellow Gold)
Devil’s Haircut (from Odelay)
Sexx Laws (from Midnite Vultures)
Milk & Honey (from Midnite Vultures)
Black Tambourine (from Guero)
Cellphone’s Dead (from The Information)
Youthless (from Modern Guilt)
Colors (from Colors)

I’ve obviously had to cut some favourites from the list like Where It’s At, The New Pollution, Girl, Timebomb and Dreams, but that’s the nature of the beast. Are there any apart from that? Does my list make you a little bit angry? Are there omissions you just can’t cope with? Tell all…

Slacker Shack’s Top 20 Alt’ Tunes of 2017

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The world may have seemingly teetered on the brink of apocalypse now and again during 2017 but it’s been a pretty good year for music nonetheless. They often say that in times of bleak politics and social division great artistry shines, and whilst it may have been a fairly dull year at the cinema, it was a blockbuster year for TV and maybe even more so for music – or at least I like to think it was as I reminisce over the year gone by.

I love compiling a Top 20 list of tunes each year. I’ve done it since 2008 and it’s started to feel like a nice little time capsule collection and something that helps my middle-aged brain look back and absorb the year.

The ‘Slacker Shack Top Ten Albums of the Year‘ list will appear in the next day or two but in the meantime I want to jot down a handful of my musical highlights from the year:

  • The mighty King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard releasing four albums – and four great albums too – there are very few bands around at the moment who are trailing a blaze quite as fierce as these adventurous antipodeans
  • Another King – this time, Londoner, King Krule‘s album ‘The Ooze‘ – Gilles Peterson described it as the album that best sums up exactly where British music is at currently – it sucks in everything from classic London songwriters like Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg, to 90’s trip-hop, British soul and 2-tone – a real melting pot of brilliance
  • The return of Beck – whilst ‘Colors‘ is not as mindblowingly genre shaking as he’s been in the past, any Beck album beats 99.9% of the music it finds itself surrounded by and singles, Dear Life, Dreams and title track Colors were up there with him at his peak
  • The raw, fat-trimmed post-punk bellow of Bristol’s Idles and their cracking Brutalism album – there’s was something very 2017 about their sound and popularity
  • Four Tet’s ‘New Energy‘ album – it made me reminisce back to my days as a youth in the mid to late 90’s whilst simultaneously sounding like a modern blueprint for progressive electronica and IDM

There’s more of course – I could blather on for hours like a lonely Pitchfork writer with verbal diarrhoea. I could ponder why San Felu‘s ‘How To Build Windmills‘ EP didn’t get heard by as many folk as it’s excellence warranted. Or why I’ve not heard people waffle on about the brilliance of Wovoka Gentle, OCS, Landlady or Snail Mail as much as I should’ve. But I won’t 😉

So, without further-a-do here are Slacker Shack’s Top 20 Alt’ Tunes of 2017 – if you’re on Spotify, get streaming – if you’re not, sorry…

Dead Captain – The Fear – new video

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Dead Captain - The Fear - shrunk1

Tameside duo, Dead Captain released a Halloween themed tune earlier on today.

The Fear‘ is a spooky bit of garage rock from the duo and can be downloaded or streamed for free here.

They’ve also released a new lo-fi video to go with it – check iot out below:

The Cornelius Crane – Isobella – new video

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Another lovely tune from the Tameside crew…

The Breeders – Wait In The Car – new video

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Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool – new video

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Forest Swords – Raw Language – new video

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