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Kuso – film trailer

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Check out the bizarre trailer for, Kuso, the debut film from Flying Lotus (aka Captain Murphy aka Steven Ellison):

Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke – new video

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Captain Murphy live

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Here’s some (rough) footage from the gig Captain Murphy played at Los Angeles’ Low End Theory night at the Airliner last week:

And here’s the moment he revealed himself as Flying Lotus:

Captain Murphy is Flying Lotus

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So, after a few weeks of wondering who animated hip-hop newcomer Captain Murphy is, two nights ago all was revealed at Los Angeles’ Low End Theory night at the Airliner.

Captain Murphy isn’t Tyler The Creator, Madvillain or Earl Sweatshirt – it’s none other than Flying Lotus. And post-gig-unveiling, Fly-Lo seemed quite amused with himself – check out the tweet below:


His Elijah Wood-featuring music video for Tiny Tortures (under his own moniker) dropped a few days ago (along with Captain Murphy‘s video mixtape, Duality) and now the mystery is over.

I’ll be honest I thought he was behind the production, but I didn’t know he was the rapper. I thought it was Tyler the Creator all the way.

Anyway, on top of this revelation Flying Lotus has released the Duality mixtape as a download which you can get for free here.

It’s awesome – that Fly-Lo’s an impressive f*cker.

Captain Murphy – mysterious new mixtape ‘Duality’ released

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Back in July Slacker Shack posed the question, who is Captain Murphy? His twisted hip-hop verbosity appeared on the Flying Lotus & Earl Sweatshirt single, Between Friends back then – and now he’s released a new mixtape and video.

If rumours are to be believed it’s more than likely that Captain Murphy is Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator – but as yet his identity, at least officially, remains a mystery. And anyway, who’s the producer? DOOM? Madlib? Flying Lotus? And is anyone arsed if it sounds this good?

Check out his Duality mixtape here – it’s very good (and it’s got some trippy visuals to go with it too).

And while we’re all gathered here staring at words and listening to sounds – here’s the video for The Killing Joke which dropped a couple of months back: