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Piers Morgan gets ‘pawned’ on Twitter yet again

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There’s nothing clever about name calling. Unless it involves Piers Morgan.

Just a few days ago Piers bit after spotting an (admittedly crass) cartoon which labelled him a racist. He handled it incredibly badly and Twitter utterly pawned him in it’s own beautifully random way.

Check out some of the tittersome exchange below:




Modern Toss takes on ‘Slacker Rock’

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Spotted this today, from earlier in the year. I could write a few paragraphs debating their interpretation of the slacker rock genre and wax lyrical on my feeling that the term is more about a loose and intriguingly slack-eyed way of looking at the world – but instead I’ll just chuckle, I love Modern Toss:

Slacker rock

Salad Fingers – a new documentary about the infamous animation series

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Back in 2005 when I was working down in London I remember a colleague showing me the Salad Fingers animations online. I instantly loved it’s surreal darkness and sinister mirth. The animations are credited as being one of the first truly viral internet videos and Unilad have released a short 8 minute documentary exploring the series of cartoons with an extensive interview with its creator, David Firth.

Check out the documentary below:

José Mourinho doodle

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Klopp and Bucket

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The silly puns have begun and this is my entry…

klopp n bucket

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New Vladimir Putin claim

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Vladimir Putin

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David Bowie as an ostrich

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David Bowie ostrich