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New psych-sci-fi collages from Dunstan Doodles

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Manchester based illustrator and artist, Dunstan Carter, exhibited a collection of portraits of psychedelic music icons earlier this summer. Combining illustration and collage techniques the mixed media portraits went down a storm.

Over the past few months Dunstan has been working on some new collages inspired by science fiction and psychedelia. The collages bring together images from Hollywood, ancient mythology, global politics and the weird and the wonderful, to create something truly unique. All of Dunstan‘s colleges are made using magazines and books he has stockpiled over the past few years and his current work takes inspiration from collage artists like Eugenia Loli and Martha Rosler, TV shows like Lost, The Leftovers and Twin Peaks and sci-fi art from the 50’s and 60’s.

Take a peek at two of his latest pieces, Ye Gods and The Scintillation below. More of Dunstan‘s work can be browsed through over on his site here.

Ye Gods - collage - Apr 18 - low res

The Scintillation - collage - May 18 - low res

Lynyrd Skynyrd portrait

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Back October / November time last year I had the pleasure of undertaking a Lynyrd Skynyrd portrait commission. I decided to base it on a publicity shot from the early 70’s. Check it out below and come and follow Dunstan Doodles on Instagram:


Neil Young portrait

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Here’s a new portrait I’ve recently finished. It’s A2 in size and prints are available on request (just leave a message below). I wanted to put a young Neil Young alongside a old Neil Young and this seemed like a nice simple idea…


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Iron Lady & The Trump

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Take a peek a commission piece I recently finished called, ‘Iron Lady & The Trump‘. Mildly terrifying and wrong, but a joy to do. A2 prints available on request.


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