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New portraits from Dunstan Doodles

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From top to bottom – Bill Murray as Big Ern in Kingpin, Alfred Hitchcock, Bon Iver and Caroline Aherne. Check out more from Dunstan Doodles here.

My pitch is very simple…

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Rest In Peace Leonard Cohen

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Neil Young portrait

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Here’s a new portrait I’ve recently finished. It’s A2 in size and prints are available on request (just leave a message below). I wanted to put a young Neil Young alongside a old Neil Young and this seemed like a nice simple idea…


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Iron Lady & The Trump

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Take a peek a commission piece I recently finished called, ‘Iron Lady & The Trump‘. Mildly terrifying and wrong, but a joy to do. A2 prints available on request.


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Roy Keane tells it like it is…

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Roy Keane

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A late Bowie tribute

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Like everyone I was saddened by the news of David Bowie‘s death this week. Others have written far more eloquently than I could ever wish to on his brilliance and his legacy, and many of us have favourite songs, albums, films and fancy dress outfits (?) of his tattooed in our memories forever.

For instance, when someone says his name to me a rush of things quickly pop through my mind – his outfit in Labyrinth, the line ‘this is Ground Control to Major Tom‘, His dancing alongside Mick Jagger in their ‘Dancing In The Streets‘ video,, his Aladdin Sane make up, his ‘Little Fat Man‘ piano ditty on Ricky GervaisExtras, that photo of him fellating Mick Ronson‘s guitar… all in an instant.

I also remember this doodle I did of him as an ostrich a couple of years ago: