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New solo album by The Earlies’ synth wizard Christian Madden

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Ex Earlies keyboardist and ‘amiable drunkard‘, Christian Madden has just released his debut solo album and it’s an absolute stonker. ‘The Wrecking Place‘ is a 12 track instrumental concept album described as, “providing the soundtrack to a string of unimportant events that took place in Burnley between 1985 and 2004“. It’s a humble pitch but always better to under promise and over deliver.

From start to finish the album runs amok across a variety of genres with ease, tipping a hat to funk, jazz, hip-hop, breakbeat, and prog rock without ever seeming like some rag bag collection of random thoughts. It’s a beautifully well crafted journey through Madden’s musical loves and adventures.

Check ‘The Wrecking Place‘ via the Bandcamp link below:

Bobby Womack dies

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bobby womack

Sad news reaches us that legendary singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bobby Womack has died aged 70. His career spanned over 50 years, took on countless styles and genres and influenced many. As yet the cause of his death is unknown. Check out a few video highlights from Womack‘s incredibly influential career below:

And here’s a documentary on Bobby made just last year by the BBC:

Rest in Peace…

Bobby Womack – Whatever Happened To The Times – new video

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Whatever Happened To The Times is taken from Bobby Womack‘s new (Damon Albarn produced) album The Bravest Man In The Universe – which is out now.

Reggie Watts – Kinect the Dots – new video

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Here’s a new video/tune from Reggie Watts (Kinect the Dots) – watch him dance with eight 3D echoes of himself:

No chuckles this time just Bobby McFerrin meets D’Angelo stylings…

Reggie Watts – musical comedian par excellence

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How have I not been shown any Reggie Watts clips until today? He’s funny, geeky, ridiculously clever, musically brilliant and thoroughly entertaining.

For those in the dark, Reggie Watts is a Seattle-based comedian and musician. His shows are mostly improvised and consist of seemingly stream of consciousness stand-up in various shifting personae, mixed with loop pedal-based hip-hop/soul/funk/blues a cappella compositions.

He’s also a big fan of Wikipedia, which I is why I know he won’t mind that I nicked the above description near enough word for word from his page.

Anyway – for those who need a catch up course, here’s a 30 minute performance from last year’s Poptech (which bills itself as a a celebration for the intellectually engaged) in New York.

He’s fucking brilliant – imagine Flight of the Conchords + De La Soul + Demitri Martin + The Roots + a musicologist genius:

Now that’s just brightened up the start of my week…

Is Sly Stone broke and homeless?

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In the last 48 hours rumours have been circling on Twitter and across the internet, that funk-pioneer Sly Stone is broke and homeless.

The Daily Mail reported today that Stone has lost everything and is now living in a camper van. He’s also been quoted as saying, “I like my small camper – I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving.”

It’s even been reported that Stone’s van is parked on a street in the Crenshaw neighbourhood of LA, where director John Singleton’s, Boyz n the Hood film was set.

In his heyday, Sly, who sold his music publishing rights to Michael Jackson in 1984 for a reported $1 million, lived in mansions in Beverly Hills and Napa Valley in California, but reports state that a combination of excess, substance abuse and financial mismanagement have led to his current predicament.

Fellow funkateer, Bootsy Collins however, has gone on Twitter today, to try and bring a slightly fuller and less sensationalist light to proceedings.

Bootsy posted a link to a comment made by Randy Austin on Facebook which reads, “Hey bootsy: just to let you know about Sly – he is ok. He stays at my mom and dads because he feels safe there. He has a house that he is renting but he likes being around my brother who cares for him and watches over him.”

Austin continues, “…My mom cooks for him whenever he is hungry. As for the boys in the hood thing; my hood is very loving of Sly and watches over him.

“Thank you for caring. PS – He would love to here from you. Keep the funk alive and god bless you.”

So, things are a bit bleak for Sly, but not quite as bleak as the world’s media would like you to think.

Here’s hoping things start to improve for him. The thought of such a talented and innovative musical genius living in poverty is truly heart breaking. He’s given the world more joy than most of us can ever dream of giving.

The Name Is Bootsy, Baby – The Cartoon

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Back in the days of George Clinton, Sly Stone and Bootsy Collins, funk was a beautiful, kaleidoscopic and brightly animated trip of glorious oddness and peculiarity.

How apt then that one of those larger than life funkateers, Bootsy Collins had his very own p-funk cartoon made way back in the hedonistic and funkalicious haze of…. 1996 (er…oh).

Ladies and gentlethings may I introduce, The Name Is Bootsy, Baby.

I never knew – god bless the internet….