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Lynyrd Skynyrd portrait

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Back October / November time last year I had the pleasure of undertaking a Lynyrd Skynyrd portrait commission. I decided to base it on a publicity shot from the early 70’s. Check it out below and come and follow Dunstan Doodles on Instagram:


W.H. Auden doodle

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Check out more of my stuff at Dunstan Doodles here.

Hansel and Gretel illustration

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I love this Hansel and Gretel illustration by US artist, Derek Stratton:

hansel and gretel

New Discovery – Valeriya Volkova

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26 year old, Russian-born illustrator, Valeriya Volkova moved to America in 1997 and specialises in gloriously detailed and vividly surreal illustrations and paintings.

As is the norm with most of the new art I seem to come across nowadays I spotted a couple of Valeriya‘s works on Pinterest recently, and have since become a big fan of her style – check out one of my favourites, Pool below:


And check out more of Valeriya‘s work here.

And if you’re feeling particularly flush you can buy the original, Pool for $800 here.

New Discovery – Harriet Taylor Seed

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Harriet Taylor Seed is an illustrator from Chichester, England. Some of her clients include, The Sunday Times, The Observer, Threadless, Brussels Airlines, and Burning House Records, and she’s exhibited her work in a number of galleries across the UK.

I came across her work on Pinterest today via a link to her website – – and I really like her stuff. Check out some examples below:




You can check out more of her work here.

1950’s illustrator Jack Potter

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Jack Potter was a 1950’s American illustrator and poster artist who became a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

His work was used on advertising posters for brands like Air France, Fuller Fabrics and most famously, Coca Cola.

I’ve only recently discovered his work and I love its vibrancy – and the simple moments he captures with an ever so slightly wonky clarity.

Check out two of his works below:



Potter died at his New York home in September 2002, aged 74.

Norman Rockwell’s ‘Waiting For The Vet’

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One of my favourite things about Pinterest is stumbling across artists I’ve not heard of before or rediscovering artists I’d forgotten about.

The majority of the art I feature on this blog is either modern stuff (with a leaning towards street art and music and film poster art) or psychedelic art (a personal love) – but this week I was reacquainted with the work of 20th century American artist and illustrator, Norman Rockwell.

Rockwell‘s works are hugely popular in the United States – which isn’t surprising considering their wholesome depictions of American life. He’s most famous for the cover illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine for more than four decades – and for his cover work on the Boy Scouts of America‘s magazine Boys’ Life.

Some of his stuff’s a bit cheesy in retrospect – but now and again he really nailed it. Check out one of my favourites, ‘Waiting For The Vet‘ below: