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What if Godzilla had been created by Disney?

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Here’s a great poster from Kansas based designer and illustrator Ralph Cosentino. If it’s not called Mickeyzilla, then it should be. The illustration is part of Cosentino‘s series which mashes up Disney and Godzilla characters:

Check out more of Ralph Cosentino‘s work here.

13 Assassins – alternative movie poster

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One of my favourite films/movies of last year was Takashi Miike‘s brilliant samurai film, 13 Assassins. Set in Japan in 1844, the film follows a group of noble samurai as they seek to kill a tyrannical, politically connected lord before he seizes control of the entire country.

Below is a really cool poster designed by American illustrator, Kevin Graham for a special screening of the film at the Carlisle Theatre in Pennsylvania last summer:

Check out more of Kevin Graham‘s work over at his website here.