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T-shirt brilliance

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I love discovering cool, funny and peculiar t-shirts (I’m sat writing this in a Jim’ll Paint It design that still makes me chuckle everytime I slip it on). It’s a dream of mine to open an online shop packed with loads of great finds from artists and designers from across the world one day. But today I’m here to push your peepers towards the t-shirt brilliance contained within one particular print studio based in Truro, Cornwall.

Blackwater Studios have specialised in screen printing t-shirts for more than 40 years and have just launched a great new artist shop. Their idea was to create their own collaborative store with a small selection of talented illustrators from around the world. And more specifically, illustrators who could fully embrace the virtues of single colour prints.

The current crop of tip-top illustrators includes Michael C. Hsiung, Engin Oztekin, Bene Rohlmann, Mark Breed, Ivo Matić and Jim Hollingworth (aka JIMP).

Death By Doom t-shirt
Death By Doom – by JIMP

JIMP‘s been on my radar for a few years now and I have one of his originals hanging in my home. He’s a master and I take great pleasure in the superb off-kilter art he consistantly produces. But what’s striking about the Blackwater Studios Artist Shop is how great it is across the board. There’s a certain peculiarity and oddness that permeates all their current designs. Take a look at a few of their t-shirts below:

Merman Mugging t-shirt
Merman Mugging – by Michael C. Hsiung

Moth t-shirt
Moth – by Bene Rohlmann

Peacock t-shirt
Peacock – by Engin Oztekin

Like what you see? Check out all of Blackwater Studio‘s current t-shirt designs and buy some here.

PremRock – Let Me See Your Tongue Feat. Dj Addikt – new video

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New Discovery – Sumie

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I discovered this video tonight by Sumie (aka Sandra Sumie Nagano), a singer songwriter from Sweden. Interestingly she’s the sister of electro-pop four-piece Little Dragon lead singer, Yukimi, but her gentle acoustic songs are a very different kettle of fish – check out the video for recent single, Speed Into, below (it’s lovely):

Speed Into is taken from Sumie‘s self-titled debut album which is out now on Bella Union.

New Discovery – Ben Horton

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Last week I stumbled across the work of US artist, Ben Horton whilst walking through Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I spotted a drawing in the window of The Black Sheep skate shop and wandered in. There are currently 4 or 5 of his works in the shop and a few skateboard decks with his designs on too – and they’re all great.

Anyway, I was impressed enough to ask the shop assistant who the art was by and she kindly wrote his name down for me. I’m glad she did as I’ve spent the last half hour looking at all his paintings and drawings on his website and there’s some awesome stuff there – so, thanks Black Sheep shop assistant, you were very helpful, top stuff!

Check out some of Ben Horton‘s work below (and check out more of his stuff over at his website here):




New Discovery – RADSTEWART

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I had the pleasure of discovering a great new band tonight on Bolton FM. I tuned into Shell Zenner‘s show to listen to an interview with The Black Angels (which was great – they’re an eloquent and interesting bunch of chaps). Once the interview was finished I was about to get back to a film I was watching and then I heard that a song by a new band from Cardiff called, RADSTEWART was about to get an airing. I love a daft band name, so I stuck around and listened to one of their tunes, the excellent, Beer Swindlers.

The track took me right back to the mid-90’s when I first discovered slacker rock and fell in love with bands like Pavement, Guided By Voices, Silver Jews and Swearing at Motorists. I loved it. So much so I thought I’d blog about it and share their new three track EP, Whig Crooks and Beer Swindlers with you all here – check it out below:

They’ve even got a vague motto which makes me like them even more, namely – “If you’re listening to this song, you may think the chords are going wrong, but they’re not, we just wrote it like that.”

You can buy, Whig Crooks and Beer Swindlers here (‘name your price’) – and visit them on Facebook here.

New Discovery – Valeriya Volkova

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26 year old, Russian-born illustrator, Valeriya Volkova moved to America in 1997 and specialises in gloriously detailed and vividly surreal illustrations and paintings.

As is the norm with most of the new art I seem to come across nowadays I spotted a couple of Valeriya‘s works on Pinterest recently, and have since become a big fan of her style – check out one of my favourites, Pool below:


And check out more of Valeriya‘s work here.

And if you’re feeling particularly flush you can buy the original, Pool for $800 here.

New Discovery – Bird to Beast

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Bird to Beast (aka married couple Sam and Hannah Hird) hail from Colne in Lancashire. The duo signed an album deal with new Manchester indie MUK Records late last year and are gearing up for the imminent release of their debut EP, To Lips From Lungs.

I had the pleasure of watching them perform with a full band for the first time last night, and they blew me away.

Essentially they’re a folk band but their influences are vast and varied, from the pop nous of greats like The Beach Boys, Kate Bush and The Beatles to contemporary singer-songwriters like Rufus Wainwright and James Mercer – and with their debut lead single, touches of French pop too.

Check out their new video for, To Lips From Lungs, below:

Sam started playing violin aged four and has studied and played music for most of his life. He (purposefully) missed out on Britpop in the 90’s, deciding instead to immerse himself in classical music whilst studying at Chetham School of Music and then The University of Manchester.

Hannah came early to music too, and started playing piano aged seven, later singing in a number of choirs and going on to study at The University of Salford. For the past year she has toured with singer Ellie Goulding, singing backing vocals and performing at numerous festivals and TV shows, including, Later with Jools Holland, The Jonathan Ross Show – and even William and Kate’s Royal Wedding reception.

To Lips From Lungs is released on iTunes on 8th September, preceded by a single launch party at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on 5th September (you can get hold of tickets here).

Their eponymous album follows on 14th October, and you can check out some more tunes over on the Listen page of their website here.

Check them out now while they’re still a gently whispered secret… you’ll be glad you did.

Follow Bird to Beast on Twitter by clicking here.