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Dunstan Doodles’ Manchester Icons slideshow

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A slideshow I’ve put together featuring my Manchester Icons portraits…

All available as A3 sized giclee prints over at Dunstan Doodles.

Film & TV icons ART SALE

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Over on the Dunstan Doodles website right now there’s a 25% discount on all Film and TV icons art prints.

There are around fifteen limited edition prints to choose from, including, The Big Lebowski, David Lynch, Stranger Things, Michael Caine and much more.

Check out the sale here.


New portraits from Dunstan Doodles

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Follow Dunstan Doodles on Instagram here – and check out some of the new portraits below:





From top to bottom – Bill Murray as Big Ern in Kingpin, Alfred Hitchcock, Bon Iver and Caroline Aherne. Check out more from Dunstan Doodles here.

Music icon prints

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Fancy getting your hands on some original giclee prints of music icons from Frank Zappa to Leonard Cohen and more? Head over to the Dunstan Doodles site and check out some of his recent work.

Illustrations of film stars, Manchester icons, musicians, children’s book characters and much more, all done in his unique, cut and paste style. Prints start from as little as £20 – have a peak.

The art of Dave MacDowell

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Earlier this evening Virginian artist, David MacDowell got in touch to reveal that he’s behind, Bad Mutha Wizard the Pulp Fiction meets Wizard of Oz print that Slacker Shack blogged about a while ago. He’s also the man behind the Jaws meets Big Lebowski print ‘Abide’ and The Big Lebowski meets Peanuts print ‘Charlie Lebowski’ (but to be fair, we knew that already).

I was chuffed Dave stopped by to say hello and he also provided a link to a site selling some of his prints – Dirty Pilot.

Over on his website Dave (rather delightfully) notes that his work has been described as, “a virtual Disneyland on acid” in some quarters. Check out some examples of his brilliant and eye-popping work below:

Rocky Dennis and Bullwinkle
Rocky Dennis and Bullwinkle

Fixing A Hole
Fixing A Hole

The Big Bukowski
The Big Bukowski

The Little Prince
The Little Prince

You can check out more of Dave MacDowell‘s work over at his website here.

Three more awesome Ween posters

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As well as being one of my favourite bands, Ween seem to pick some truly brilliant artists to design their gig posters. A simple search on Google pulls up dozens of truly awesome posters from over the years. Here are my favourite (non-Jermaine Rogers designed) three:

Fox Boulder (2005), designed by EMEK.

The Grove, Anaheim (2009), designed by Gregg “Gigart” Gordon.

Les Schwab Amphitheater, Bend, Oregon (2011) by Justin Santora.