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Dual Judit Rabóczky & Tim Garner exhibition at ARTZU in Manchester

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New works by Hungarian sculptor, Judit Rabóczky and Manchester artist, Tim Garner are coming to Manchester on Thursday 22nd June until the 15th July.

The dual exhibition entitled, Kids, marks the UK debut of Rabóczky, introducing her cut and welded mischievous enfant terribles characters alongside specially commissioned works by acclaimed urban landscape artist, Garner.

The exhibition runs alongside the Manchester International Festival and those seeking further details on the exhibition are free to email – in the meantime check out some of the artists exciting work below:

Judit Rabóczky:

Judity Raboczky 2

Judity Raboczky 1

Tim Garner:

Tim Garner 1

Tim Garner 2

Splash 1 by Codsteaks

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I spotted this on Pinterest tonight. It’s a lovely public art sculpture by the brilliantly monikered, Codsteaks, and it’s situated at Ashlands Nature Reserve in Portishead near Bristol:


I’d like more things like this in the world.

Cool Peter Gronquist sculpture

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Check out more of American artist Peter Gronquist‘s sculptures here.

Wooden Stormtrooper helmet

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I don’t know much about this lovely bit of ‘film geek’ sculpture. Nonetheless, I spotted it on a site called and thought I’d share it:



Siamese Banjo Twins

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I know nothing about the following sculpture/waxwork/odd thing. Maybe you can help me out as it’s intrigued and amused me since I stumbled across it on Pinterest last week.

For now, I’ve simply named it, Siamese Banjo Twins:


Mu Boyan sculpture

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Here’s one of my favourite recent finds on Pinterest:


Sunny (2011) is part of Chinese artist, Mu Boyan‘s ‘The Fatty Series‘, a collection of sculptures Boyan says explore his, “fascination with Chinese political symbolism in art”.

Check out more of Boyan’s work here.

Klaus Kinski’s Head

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Here’s a brilliant if mildly disturbing sculpture I discovered today. It’s called, Niemand weiß, was wir fühlen (which translates as “Noboby knows what we feel”) by the German artist Paule Hammer and dates back to 2005.