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My new favourite t-shirt

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I’ve never been a t-shirt collector but I do take a shine to a great design and have had loads of favourites I’ve worn till they’re faded and full of holes. Great t-shirts are like a great pairs of shoes, you wear them until they’re falling to bits. Many of my old favourites have long since withered, so my latest find came as both a necessity and a delight – as it fits like a glove.

My new t-shirt’s also got an awesome design splayed across it courtesy of turtle loving, Cornish artist, JIMP (aka Jim Hollingworth). It’s a black number made in collaboration with Blackwater Studios. Check it out in all it’s glory (on a model) below:


Not only is it a cracking design, it’s also soft as a hamster wrestling a marshmellow in a pillow factory, 100% organic cotton and completely “earth positive”. Go and grab yourself one before they run out at the Blackwater Studios site.

JIMP’s also designed some badges if you’re into that kind of thing (no-one enjoys a lonely looking jacket collar or lapel). Have a peek at them below and if you like them you can check them out in detail here.


The Flaming Lips – let the mad plans continue

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A few weeks ago, Slacker Shack told you about The Flaming Lips’ plans to release a 24 hour song this Halloween, and chartered all the mad releases the Lips have gifted the world this year.

As a prelude to the 24 hour song, the band have recently released a six-hour song called, I Found a Star on the Ground (which you can check out over at the Stereogum site here). Not only that, they’ve also got a name for their forthcoming a 24-hour song too – 7 Skies H3.

7 Skies H3, will start streaming at at midnight (CDT) this Halloween. As previously reported the day-long tune will also be released on a hard drive encased inside an actual human skull topped with chrome drips. This super-exclusive item (only 13 have been made – and they’ve all been sold) costs a whopping $5,000.

There’s also an acid-trip-themed gummy frog and a skull that has an actual gummy vagina stuck to the back of it (which you have to reach into to get the USB), that will also be released before the year is out. Brilliant stuff!

Is this kind of far-out madness the future of music releases? It’s doubtful, but wouldn’t it be great if it was? Can you imagine an Adele EP scattered into a jar of jellied eels or an N-Dubz album released inside an actual human turd? Wouldn’t that be just perfect?

Forever fans of technology and experimentation the band are also set to pay tribute to Steve Jobs this coming Monday, by performing The Beatles’, Revolution on iPads on MTV’s web-based O Music Awards.

The band is also working on a number of other collaborations including an EP with Deerhoof in December, and a set of songs that the Lips with Nick Cave, Stars, No Age, and Death Cab for Cutie, too.

A limited-edition release that collects all of the Lips’ recent collaborations (including tunes with Neon Indian, Lightening Bolt and Sean Lennon’s, Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger band) and a handful of new ones is scheduled for release on Record Store Day in April next year.

Finally, a Flaming Lips musical headed by director/producer Des McAnuff (of Jersey Boys fame) is currently in the money-raising stage, and will hopefully start to finally get off the ground next year after seven years of planning.

All brilliantly odd stuff.