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New Andre 3000 album due out next year

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It’s been a whopping ten years since Outkast released their double album, Speakerboxxx / The Love Below (and another seven since the ‘Idlewild‘ soundtrack).

Big Boi‘s given us two albums since then, but, acting roles aside (and the odd guest spot on singles by John Legend, UGK, Drake and Rick Ross), Andre 3000‘s dished up nothing.

The good news for all those who’ve been wondering if he’d ever bother, is that 3000 has sorted something out and got his arse back in the studio.

Whilst it’s far from definite, the new album rumours come courtesy of Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials for BET Networks.

Hill bumped into Andre backstage at Lil’ Wayne and T.I.’s America’s Most Wanted Tour in Washington D.C. recently. During their brief conversation, 3000 told him of his plans. Hill followed up the news with the following tweet:


Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher perform together onstage

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Over the weekend, during a benefit concert for Teenage Cancer Trust, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher teamed up to perform a version of Blur‘s Tender together. Check out footage below:

The coming together of the once feuding Britpop luminaries didn’t go down too well with Noel‘s brother Liam though, who decided to take to Twitter to tweet the following:


I presume the ‘war criminal’ comment refers to Noel’s invitation to Tony Blair‘s Number 10 party in 1997. And by BLUE, he clearly means Blur.

He’s not going to let it lie is he?

Frankie Boyle attacks Chris Brown on Twitter

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Fresh from his harsh and completely unnecessary verbal bullying of British swimmer Rebecca Adlington, Frankie Boyle has returned to being amusing once more. Check out his stinging response to one of R&B singer Chris Brown‘s tweets earlier on today:


Is a Zoolander sequel and/or animated web series imminent?

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Back in late 2010, rumours surfaced regarding a possible Zoolander animation being in the works. Since then things seemed to have gone a bit quiet.

Just yesterday though, Ben Stiller tweeted that an animated web series was being now considered – along with link to a cartoon still (left).

Whether this means it’s only going to be released online is seemingly unknown at the moment – although one hopes that’ll change, once Stiller lets a bit more info slip.

As for a sequel to the succesful and chucklesome Zoolander film, Stiller confirmed way back in Spring 2010 that his production company were, “…in the process of getting a script written. It’s in the early stages, but it’s gonna happen. We’ve been trying for years to… figure it out. It’ll have input from all the… ‘Zoolander’ people. It’s just… taken awhile.”

So is 2012 the year the sequel finally drops? Who knows, but as a shooting schedule isn’t in place it looks unlikely. The good news however, is that a script has now been completed with Stiller’s Tropic Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux, and Stiller is clearly still intent on reviving the character.

Here’s hoping we all hear something more concrete in 2012.

Mike Tyson explains Holyfield ear biting incident

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Fourteen years on from the moment Mike Tyson lost all control and bit off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear, the former heavyweight champion of the world has taken to Twitter to explain his actions.

Just one hour ago, Tyson tweeted, “I bit Evander because I was undisciplined at that moment. I had nothing to lose then. I had no wife, I didn’t have my kids.”

It’s hardly an apology but it does shed light on the state his mind was in at the time.

Now check him out in his heyday: