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Vic Reeves’ Simon Cowell portrait

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Love this…

Simon-Cowell by Vic Reeves

Another great Vic Reeves painting

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The painting above is called ‘Alan’ and was part of Vic Reeves’ 2008 Where Eagles Tremble show. The exhibition was based on a fictional story written by Reeves that chartered the life and career of a film actor called Alan Todd.

Brilliant painting by Vic Reeves

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Here’s another brilliant bit of art by Slacker Shack‘s favourite surrealist comedian artist, Vic Reeves – check out ‘The Touch Of The Mammoth’ below:

More of Vic Reeves’ excellent and highly amusing art is available to view on his yfrog profile here.

Vic Reeves ink drawing

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Here’s a great new inking from the paws of comedian Vic Reeves – spotted on yfrog via Twitter. It had me chuckling into my morning coffee a couple of days ago so I thought it only fair that I share it:

One presumes it’s a rather delightful portrait of British X-Factor pop-tarts, JLS.

You can check out more of Vic‘s recent inkings, doodles and paintings over at yfrog here.